Tuesday, 26 January 2010

No such thing as too many aunties

We recently has a visit from my Sensible K and the Lovely P.  They are two of my oldest friends- we went to school together (that sort of old, not 'I remember the 1960's and in my day all this was fields' old)

Neither had been down to visit since we had moved to Tivvy and we had a great time together, lots of laughs were shared over vino and homemade chocolate ice-cream over the course of their visit.

Being British we were naturally drawn to the great outdoors- and in particular, to have a picnic in traditionally cold weather.  We weren't expecting the fog to roll in over the sea as we drew nearer, but it simply added to the romance of it all.

Darling boy adored his aunties and was asking for them long after they left to go back to the big smoke.

Sunday, 10 January 2010

The beauty that never was to be...

Before Christmas, one of my favourite customers had put in an order for a special giant cupcake to be delivered on Christmas eve.

It took ages and was a total beauty...chocolate sponge, with a rich chocolate butter icing. It was made, iced, decorated, packaged and ready to roll.  When unfortunately that was exactly what I did when I came out the door.  It had been so freezing our drive was an ice-rink and I'm neither Torvil or Dean...I slipped, and the cake bought it.

I am posting the photos here in tribute to a beauty that never got to shine.  I took it indoors and through a blur of tears I tried to save it in a variety of ways, but it was never going to work.

Instead I called and explained and insisted that I bring them a stand and 24 vanilla-cupcakes as a replacement.  It was the best I could do.

My lovely customers were totally charming and wonderful about it.  They were so understanding, I was just so sad they never got to eat and enjoy the original.

Christmas highlights

This year was our first year hosting christmas- and it was mostly on Nigella.

 Safe to say we had a really lovely time. I totally love Christmas.

Family, food and being together. Its all good.


I will post about the Adventures in Cake christmas soon, but since we have been snowed in for 6 days now I thought I would share this photo.  Its taken from before it really started snowing a lot.