Saturday, 30 October 2010

Wedding cupcakes

Here are the photos from the most recent wedding Adventures in Cake baked for.  The bride's colour theme was red and ivory.  They requested a selection of flavours, so a mix of carrot cake, lemon, vanilla and coconut made up the tower of 80 cupcakes.  Hearts and butterflies and glitter topped off each cake.  The large cake was a double layer juicy lemon cake, also topped with butterflies and a liberal sprinkling of red and gold glitter.

The wedding was held in an old church in deepest Devon and the reception was in the Tithe Barn next door. It looked so romantic and cosy, the red and gold beautifully complemented the old wood in the barn.

Thursday, 28 October 2010

Great British Weddings

Here is an article about me, on the Great British Wedding website.  Exciting!

Monday, 4 October 2010

Birthday brownies

It was Sensible K's birthday recently, which happily coincided with something of a mini school reunion for me and my girlfriends.  It was like the past 15 years hadn't happened.  We spent the whole afternoon sat around my folks kitchen table chatting, laughing and boozing, to moderation of course, as we did have bambinos to look after, some running around the house like loons, and other still as a bump, as with the lovely looking Sensible K, whose mini-me is due in just a few days time.

After a long lunch, I piled up dark gooey chocolate brownies into a tower and lit a candle on top.  After a badly sung chorus of Happy Birthday we tucked in to the coeliac friendly goodies, covered in double cream with a side helping of raspberries.  Darling boy and his chum, dressed as Buzz Lightyear, rushed in and managed to find a few moments in their busy schedule of whatever it is 2 year olds do, to cram in as many chocolate brownies as they could get away with, before zooming outside for more conker collecting and running about screaming, now powered by chocolate.