Friday, 25 June 2010

The Welsh Wedding

Marvellous mum came to stay to help with this big order, and was the absolute wonder she always is.

130 cupcakes, with different, flavours, icings and decorations is a big job and two pairs of hands were very handy.

The blushing bride wanted a colourful collection of oranges, pinks and yellows, with sweeties, butterflies and flowers.

I am so pleased with how they turned out.  All they need to do now is travel to Wales from Devon and I can rest easy.

They are very safely packed into Marvellous mums car, and are well cushioned with iceblocks and clean blankets (as of course it is super hot and sunny today, ready for Glastonbury this weekend)

I really enjoyed making them all, its such fun- from baking the cakes, to creating the decorations and colouring the icing, checking that the different shades all harmonise and coordinate.

Its very pleasing to create something so girly and romantic, my perfect look.

I hope the weather tomorrow is as sunny as it is today, its perfect wedding weather.

Monday, 21 June 2010

Christening cupcakes

This sunday we went to the christening of our Cruwys Morchard chum's new son- ( who is certain to be the future partner in crime for our own dear Little brother as they are just a month or so apart in age)

As a gift, I thought I would bring along 2 dozen cupcakes, trying out a new flavour.  Cookies and cream seemed about right, and a captive audience is always my ideal crowd for cupcakes.

I was discussing my plans with Handsome husband wondering if I should add some extra chocolate.  The answer was' why not!' so an extra splash of chocolate went in along side the cookies too.  The result was really rather lovely, both light sponge, with chocolate drops and the yummy chunks of cookies.  I tinkered about with the buttercream till I reach the right balance of cookies and vanilla and I think I got it just about right.

Totally tropical

As it is summer, I felt a need to get all tropical and exotic with my cupcakes.  I found a recipe for a creamy coconut cupcakes and it called to me.

The result was very tasty, and in the words of one of my yummy mummy friends, ' I don't normally like coconut, but these are really tasty'  I think thats praise indeed.  I think the secret is the lime zest and juice that helps to add a certain zing.

I did have one clever thought too, a grown up version of these might work very well indeed, with a splash of malibu added to the icing- all in the interests of making them more coconutty you understand...

Wedding cupcake preparations

This week I have a lovely wedding cupcake order to make.  The wedding is on Saturday in Wales and the Bride to be, who is a total beauty as it is, has requested a mix of cupcakes for their reception.  They are going for a mix of sticky toffee pudding, vanilla and banana and walnut, decorate with a mix of pink, orange and yellow buttercream icing, and have requested flowers, butterflies and dolly mixtures.

It sounds totally lovely and I'm really looking forward to making them...its all so girly and lovely.  I have really enjoyed making the decorations- I'm with Nigella on this one- there is something very meditative and relaxing about the repeated rolling and stamping out.  Seeing the colour scheme come together is very satisfying.  Next up is to make the cupcakes...

Friday, 4 June 2010

Battle of the brownies

I have a wedding order coming up in July.  The bride is the sister of someone I used to work with.  The wedding reception in a huge Lawrence of Arabia style tent, all atmospheric, pointy roofed and romantic.  The bride and groom have requested a mix of carrot cupcakes and banana and walnut cupcakes.  To match the theme I have suggested a sophisticated mix of gold and bronze stars with gold and bronze glitter as decoration, which I think will turn out very prettily.  It does mean making over 200 tiny sugar stars, but I think it's worth it.

They have also asked for chocolate brownies to serve as pudding alongside the cupcakes.  Now, I have made brownies before but wanted the recipe to be just perfect.  This meant researching and trying out various recipes on my willing volunteers.  It didn't take long to recruit them.  The boys and I have just had a lovely weekend at marvellous mum and dads, and as brainy bro and his partner were down for the weekend too they formed the trial group.  

The first recipe was a plain chocolate brownie, rich with dark chocolate, and the second was a double chocolate brownie made with dark chocolate and densely studded with milk and dark chocolate chips.  The trial group were unanimous. The double chocolate brownie won.  It scored much more highly on all counts of fudgyness, chocolateyness and squidgyness- all essential factors in the pursuit of brownie perfection.  The next day I visited an old school friend who I hadn't seem for years.  It was really lovely to see her, and meet her two kids.  They also agreed with the trial had to be the double chocolate brownie.

I have emailed my cousin in America for her top tips and brownie recipes and will be trying them out too.  This does of course mean more brownies for us to have to eat, purely for research of course.  It's a tough job, but some one has to do it... 

Vintage vava voom

Grease-movie-p02.jpg word that strikes joy into any girls heart.

1950's style dresses...three words that strike joy into any girls heart.

Going out in the evening to a grown-up party...nine words that also strike joy into any girls heart

Combine the lot together and you get one very happy lady.  Handsome husband and I hardly every go out...two children and 4 jobs between us means we don't get a lot of spare time, but when we do, and we go out, I like to dresUP.

We have two wedding receptions coming up, and who would think it, they are one night after the other.  We haven't been to a party for ages (I get to go to many children's parties, and whilst they are fun, they do not count)

Much thought has gone into the outfit and I have decided what I am wearing.  Outfit A is a pink and white candy cane striped sleeveless dress, with a very full skirt and sash tie around the waist.  Outfit B is to be a similar cut dress, but in a black and white print, with a wide neckline and Jackie O style collar, which I will wear cinched in with a wide white belt.  Shoes will most probably be white peeptoe wedges with a leather flower on the toe, very cute.

And as I was trying them on the other day in preparation, I decided what both dresses needed was a 1950's style net petticoat to give it more oomph.  Cue a blast on the internet and hooray for ebay I have ordered just the thing.  I am super excited and can't wait for it to be delivered.

As a tangent, and whilst I was internet mooching, I found dollydagger- it is heaven and I want to completly remodle my wardrobe and from now on, only be a 1950's starlet and hang about all day looking like a total babe from yesteryear.  I'm sure its do-able, daddio.