Friday, 25 June 2010

The Welsh Wedding

Marvellous mum came to stay to help with this big order, and was the absolute wonder she always is.

130 cupcakes, with different, flavours, icings and decorations is a big job and two pairs of hands were very handy.

The blushing bride wanted a colourful collection of oranges, pinks and yellows, with sweeties, butterflies and flowers.

I am so pleased with how they turned out.  All they need to do now is travel to Wales from Devon and I can rest easy.

They are very safely packed into Marvellous mums car, and are well cushioned with iceblocks and clean blankets (as of course it is super hot and sunny today, ready for Glastonbury this weekend)

I really enjoyed making them all, its such fun- from baking the cakes, to creating the decorations and colouring the icing, checking that the different shades all harmonise and coordinate.

Its very pleasing to create something so girly and romantic, my perfect look.

I hope the weather tomorrow is as sunny as it is today, its perfect wedding weather.


  1. Abi, I know I've said it before, but you are SO talented. Just gorgeous. There is just some sort of unique simple beauty to your work. I know we have a lot of artists in several generations of our family and you have made them proud! And yours are edible - even better! LOL


  2. all i can say.. (and i´m on holiday in Spain and not supposed to be looking at blogs this week but HAD to comment on yours...) is GOOD LORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!