Monday, 21 June 2010

Christening cupcakes

This sunday we went to the christening of our Cruwys Morchard chum's new son- ( who is certain to be the future partner in crime for our own dear Little brother as they are just a month or so apart in age)

As a gift, I thought I would bring along 2 dozen cupcakes, trying out a new flavour.  Cookies and cream seemed about right, and a captive audience is always my ideal crowd for cupcakes.

I was discussing my plans with Handsome husband wondering if I should add some extra chocolate.  The answer was' why not!' so an extra splash of chocolate went in along side the cookies too.  The result was really rather lovely, both light sponge, with chocolate drops and the yummy chunks of cookies.  I tinkered about with the buttercream till I reach the right balance of cookies and vanilla and I think I got it just about right.


  1. These look and sounds fantastic - as usual. I expect they were much appreciated.

  2. Thank you! They did go down rather well, which makes me very happy!