Saturday, 30 October 2010

Wedding cupcakes

Here are the photos from the most recent wedding Adventures in Cake baked for.  The bride's colour theme was red and ivory.  They requested a selection of flavours, so a mix of carrot cake, lemon, vanilla and coconut made up the tower of 80 cupcakes.  Hearts and butterflies and glitter topped off each cake.  The large cake was a double layer juicy lemon cake, also topped with butterflies and a liberal sprinkling of red and gold glitter.

The wedding was held in an old church in deepest Devon and the reception was in the Tithe Barn next door. It looked so romantic and cosy, the red and gold beautifully complemented the old wood in the barn.


  1. Beautiful cakes, I love the colours and can just see those being shown off in the barn.

  2. thanks choclette, they did look really pretty,Im such a sucker for weddings, I love baking for them too and this was very romantic.