Tuesday, 26 January 2010

No such thing as too many aunties

We recently has a visit from my Sensible K and the Lovely P.  They are two of my oldest friends- we went to school together (that sort of old, not 'I remember the 1960's and in my day all this was fields' old)

Neither had been down to visit since we had moved to Tivvy and we had a great time together, lots of laughs were shared over vino and homemade chocolate ice-cream over the course of their visit.

Being British we were naturally drawn to the great outdoors- and in particular, to have a picnic in traditionally cold weather.  We weren't expecting the fog to roll in over the sea as we drew nearer, but it simply added to the romance of it all.

Darling boy adored his aunties and was asking for them long after they left to go back to the big smoke.

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  1. Hey, watch it - I remember the 60s!! :)

    And I totally agree - you can never have too many aunties! (or uncles!) Growing up in New England, everyone had "Aunt" so-and-so that weren't really aunts. When I moved to the south, I discovered that it was unique to New England to do that. So, we must've gotten it from the "orginal England"! :)