Saturday, 26 February 2011

Victoria sponge cupcakes

We went for a visit recently to Handsome husband's friends farm.  They are a vey sweet family, with kids the same age as ours.  We had a tour round their farm, which was lovely and Darling boy and their middle son had great fun charging around the yard playing hide and seek.  Little brother rode high in the back pack and laughed each time he saw a sheep or cow.

I had a new recipe to try out and was keen to taste the results.  These are a Victoria Sponge inspired cupcake, with a secret jammy centre (home made jam, naturally!) I went for a strawberry and raspberry jam  and topped each cupcake with a swirl of pink and vanilla buttercream, decorated with pink edible glitter and pink butterflies.

The cupcakes went down very well, and Im keen to try them out again.  The swirly icing is really hard, so lots of practise will make perfect.  Next time I might go for a jammy icing too.  yum.


  1. These cupcakes are so pretty!! Adorable, I really want to try out some marble icing effects, it definately adds something extra!

  2. Thanks Mia's Bakehouse. It sure is tricky- you need a wrist that can turn 360 degrees. But they are pretty, so it is worth the contortions...

  3. this is so lovely!... i love baking and decorating..... i am also a home baker.

  4. I think these are the prettiest cupcakes i have ever seen!