Saturday, 23 July 2011

Wedding cupcakes sneak preview

The last few days have been a frenzy of crystallising rose petals, stamping out daisy shaped decorations, baking, icing and decorating- all in a haze of pink purple and burnished gold glitter.  I have a wedding today that I have baked the cupcakes for (and lucky little me gets to go to the wedding too!)

The bride has chosen a selection of 6 different flavours (the wonderful benefit of cupcakes being just this- lots of flavours!)  And so along with these different flavours are different toppings and different decorations.  Marvellous mum has been on hand to help with the decoration stamping, champion washing up and entertaining Little brother who was extremely keen on being chief taster.

I'm so excited for today, I'm quite giddy.  I woke up this morning and looked out of our window at clear blue skies.  Lucky bride and groom.

On the menu today we have:

* Vanilla, with dusty pink vanilla buttercream, with crystallised rose petals
* Chocolate with pink daisies
* Sticky toffee pudding- with a secrete toffee sauce inside and a toffee buttercream, topped with purple daisies
* Lemon cupcakes with lemon daisies
* Carrot cake cupcakes with dusty orange daisies
* Cherry and almond, topped with a good old fashioned cherry.  Quite a combination.

More photos to follow later on, after the big day.  But here is a sneak preview

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