Sunday, 1 April 2012

Easter cupcakes

Here are some yummy cupcakes from my kitchen...Chocolate cupcakes topped with a double layer of buttercream icings, the bottom layer is a honey cinnamon buttercream, and the 'nest' is made with chocolate buttercream studded with mini eggs- it is easter after all.

Happy chocolate season everyone!


  1. very cute!!! I am on the schedule to bring a dessert for Easter dinner this year. Still deciding....I have an "Easter Pie" recipe that is light, but your cupcakes look so pretty! many choices!

  2. decisions decisions...I just made a salted carmel chocolate tart for my sister in laws birthday that went down a storm- that could be a good one?

  3. Ooo, we have a chocolate shop here that has salted caramels to die for (and a price to match!).

    I ended up going with chocolate eclairs. We are still working through the last few. :) They are kind of a pain to make, but so worth it! Then I can stuff them as full as I want and put a pound of ganache on top. As it should be!

  4. i haven't made those before, but i quite fancy it now, yum!