Tuesday, 31 July 2012

When I'm not baking cupcakes

...I get all butch with sanding paper and paintbrushes to renovate furniture.

My nesting has gone up a notch.  Our forth-coming number 3 baby needs somewhere to store their clothes and I've always had an urge to renovate furniture and this was a perfect excuse.  I'm not going to use the word 'up cycle' as it is too gruesome. but I believe this lovely chest of drawers would easily fall into this category.

I bought the drawers on Ebay (this in itself was a new and nail biting experience) and I picked it up from a nearby seaside town a few weeks back.

I followed advice from my various stacks of interior magazines, youtube and my good old Dad, who always knows everything when it comes to practical skills and DIY.

After a vigorous sanding, and many coats of undercoat and topcoat, and the fixing of new knobs (also an Ebay bargain)  I have managed to step back and admire my new beauty.

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