Thursday, 18 February 2010

...and then there were two

Our poor chickens have been at the mercy of the local (and for that, read 'hungry') fox population.  Since Christmas we have sadly lost two of our four hens.  Gone in a puff of feathers... they had a happy time whilst they were here.  I only wish it could have been for longer.

But, we do have some more ladies on the way.  Our local representative of the Battery Hen Welfare Trust has got 3 more ladies looking for a new home- and Handsome husband will be picking them up on Saturday.  Electrical fencing is called for, or perhaps a dog?... woof woof


  1. Sorry to hear this, must be really heartbreaking. Hopefully the electric fence will work, although they can be hard on hedgehogs!

  2. hadn't thought about the hedgehogs...mmmmm, poor poppets.

  3. chickens are unfortunately delectable to more than just humans! :( My friend who has many (chickens, not humans - ha ha!), has had a lot of trouble with the local wildlife. She has an electric fence, plus chainlink fence, plus shiny things (like old CDs or DVDs) hanging on lines across their yards! Hawks love them and they don't care about electric fences. Hope you can figure out a good plan. I feel for you. It is frustrating and sad!