Thursday, 18 February 2010

Catch me whilst you can...

Want to know how to boost your immunity, it's easy, have a baby.  They will bring home every single cold, bug and germ going.  Surely after a few years of parenthood, most mums and dads are pretty much germ-proof?  

Darling boy, in his effort to help boost mummy's long term health (?) passed on a bug to me which meant  sadly I had to miss the Valentines market.  It knocked me out for the critical days before the market.  The only problem with being a one-woman show means there is just the one of me.

But, this does mean that I will be at the market this weekend instead.  I'm now in possession of such a huge belly (bump is due in 4 weeks) that this market will be the last one for a while.  Im still going to be doing special orders, but just wont be able to knock up the 150-200 cupcakes each weekend, whilst toddler and bambino entertaining...not for the first few months at least!

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