Monday, 5 April 2010

He is here!

Just eight days late and arriving just 3 hours after we got to the labour ward, Darlings boy's little brother is here.  Our second son is totally perfect and an absolute dreamboat.  Everyone is delighted and even Darling boy seems pleased.  He insists on giving Little brother lots of kisses and cuddles- sometimes rather vigorously.  Perhaps what he is most pleased about is the toy farm yard that Little brother brought with him- a very canny move.

In short, we are settling in well together and are very happy.  Hooray, life is sweet.


  1. Congratulations - have only just seen your post.

  2. Aw big congratulations to you all and well done for such an easy delivery! Hope you enjoy every moment with your new addition. Clare xx

  3. Hallo
    I was look around and i came to you!
    ooh what a verry yummie cupcakes you have made!!!
    I love it!!
    I will follow your blog!
    My daughter loves baking
    I wish you a verry nice weekend with lot of lovely cake