Tuesday, 27 April 2010

chocolate and salt caramel tart

There seems to be a weird collective spirit amongst the family I married into to cluster birthdays all into the same small patch of weeks in the spring time.  Its a busy old time for cards, presents and of course, birthday cake making.

Little brother is finally here (joining the spring gang it must be noted) creating all the joy and pandemonium that a new baby brings.  However birthday cakes must still be made, and what sort of girl would I be if I didn't bake lovely Sister in law a birthday cake of her favourite chocolate flavour when she was down for her birthday weekend when Little brother was 2 weeks old.  I had pulled this recipe from a magazine some time ago and had been eagerly awaiting Sister in law's birthday so that I could make it for her- she being devoted, nay, evangelical about salt caramel.

It turned out very well, the dark chocolate being almost ganache like with a good slug of double cream and butter melted into it.  The caramel was pleasingly oozy, with a good sea salt tang to it and the crumbly base a good contrast to the richness above.

If you haven't had salt caramel before, I urge you to rush out and try it...you might like it.


  1. Oh my!! That looks delicious! We have a chocolate shop locally (called The Chocolate Lounge - how can anyone not want to go there?) and one of the things I love there are the salt caramels. Mmmmm....I can't even imagine the bliss of a whole cake/pie tasting like that.