Thursday, 20 May 2010

Fowl play

This was supposed to be a lovely post about how well our rescue battery hens were doing.  They had flourished and had grown all their feathers that boredom and bullying in the cages had plucked out.  Their confidence was back and they had even started laying.  However, it must have been their glossy feathers and happy clucking that attracted Mr Fox...  

Shortly after Little brother arrived, Handsome husband and Marvellous dad had put in a load of fencing and moved the hen house up to the rough land in our garden.  They had a great playground to romp in and were happy roaming around.  We though the fencing might offer our ladies some protection, but sadly not.  One morning, Handsome husband was looking out of the window when he rushed out the house at full speed.  He had seen a fox in with the chickens.  Sadly he didn't get there in time.  Not so fantastic Mr Fox had got the lot...

We have told Darling boy that the chickens are away on holiday- what else do you say to a 2 year old?  We hope to get some more rescue hens, but maybe only after we have invested in some electric fencing, or a dog?...


  1. How upsetting for you all and just when they were doing so well. I believe electric fencing works well although if you fancy getting an alpaca or two, they are fantastic fox guards and will even kill the foxes if they get the chance!

  2. ooo, an alpalca! now you are talking!

  3. Ooo, I love the alpaca idea! I have a friend who has them. Very cute. Plus, you may be able to sell the fiber if you shear them.

  4. doh, I have just seen how much they cost (around £1500 it seems), and you need a small herd, otherwise they get lonesome....back to the drawing board. Or maybe I have just been looking at the expensive ones?