Monday, 30 May 2011

Blue sparkly cupcakes for the boys

A trip to a friends farm for a cuppa and a play called for cupcakes, and since both of us have two boys, blue cupcakes were called for.  Four boys and sugar meant shortly after they were consumed, we were all outside in our wellies for a romp around the farm to see the cows, tractor and hounds.  All good fun.

Darling boy had a marvellous time with his buddy, and Little brother was delightful and delighted as ever.  He loves dogs and my friend's pup was keeping Little brother very amused.  Meanwhile me and my friend had a good old natter and got our boys happy, ready for their tea and tired for bedtime.

Little boys are basically like puppies themselves.  They need tummies full of food and then to romp around with each other in the fresh air.  Being in Devon, there is plenty of that, and it doesn't matter if its drizzling like it was.  The boys don't care and it's what rain covers were invented for.  Now I just need to get myself a stylish outdoorsy hat like my friend has and I will be all set.

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