Sunday, 8 May 2011

Regal in purple

So, for the Royal wedding street party we were invited to, I opted to go for the classic trilogy of vanilla, lemon and chocolate cupcakes.  I iced them with their partner icings of vanilla, lemon and chocolate, and coloured the vanilla icing to match the decorations on the chocolate cupcakes.  I went regal in purple and lilac, keeping the lemon cupcakes suitably girly with sparkly butterflies.

Post family wedding viewing on the telly at the farm, we adjourned to the street party, which was actually in someones barn- with the most gorgeous views.  The weather was warm and hazy.  Outfits were scrutinised, again.  (Bridal= triumph, cousins = pantomime dames) Cake was eaten and lawns were lazed on.  Perfect.

...and as a side note to this story, where the cupcakes were set up was just inside the host's house.  Darling boy, who is a pretty smart cookie, pointed at the ironing board you can just see peeking out in the corner of the picture, and said with real wonder and curiosity 'Whats that mummy?' The poor lad had never seen one before...Just goes to show how much ironing goes on in the Adventures household.  (ie, not much, my iron is currently in storage.Bliss) 

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