Tuesday, 9 August 2011

A girl's gotta have tuppaware

I'm very excited.  I've just ordered four cupcake couriers from the very lovely Sugar Shack , a brilliant on-line store that sells all things cake.  I've already chosen what I want, but I'm still mooching around their site looking for more!

A cupcake courier is a specially made plastic tuppaware thingy that has 3 stacking trays with deep insets to hold each cupcake safe and secure.  It can hold 36 cupcakes, or one massive cake if you take the trays out. I already have a stock of white corrugated cardboard cake boxes that have cupcake insets that I use for deliveries, but wanted something more sustainable and sturdy.

The magic cupcake couriers are due to arrive by Thursday, which is perfect as I have a cupcake wedding this weekend.  Should a girl get this excited about tuppaware?  Lets face it, and lets not be shy...I think the answer is probably yes.


  1. You got so excited, you forgot the "r" - Tupperware. :) I have a cupcake carrier and they are great. You will love them. My sister-in-law gave me one because she knows I like to travel with sweet treats!

    Tupperware parties were very big here over the years. I have a cupboard stuffed with a huge (disorganized) variety of Tupperware containers - fondly known as "Tupperware Hell". haha I vow to clean it out....someday. :)

  2. It must be an accent meets bad spelling thing. In an english accent, you can hear it as tuppaahh ware.

    I too have a mountain of differently sized plastic boxes. They are tidy and neat for a very pleasing, but short time, and then they get into a hellish, tumbling stack fairly quickly.

  3. That's what I figured!! haha For YEARS, I thought my mom worked at "Westin Electric". Turned out (once I saw the actual sign) she worked at "WesteRn Electric". That English accent is pretty much the same as our Boston one. At least as far as losing some letters along the way. lol