Saturday, 1 October 2011

The chicks have landed

So cute!, the chicks have hatched.  For reasons I missed as I was away on a girls weekend (!) we have 3 chicks from the original 6 eggs that mother hen started with.  They are as cute as you could imagine.  Fluffy, wobbly on their little legs and chirpy chirping all the time.  Cute.


  1. they look so sweet and fluffy! :) xx

  2. A friend of mine has several chickens and if you treat them like dogs/pets, they will become amazingly "snuggly"!

  3. they are pretty cute- and although they are getting bigger, that are still cute (which is more than I can say for the turkeys down on the farm)

    I don't know if I fancy cuddling up to them though- I have a *thing* about tiny claws and find them very creepy- its the same for hamsters, etc. i will stroke the top of them- just don't ask me to hold them. EEK.