Friday, 14 October 2011

Dark chocolate cake truffles

When is a Cakepop not a Cakepop?  When it doesn't have a stick... 

Darling boy, little brother and I went for a lovely visit to the marvellous mum and dad.  Whilst there we had a family dinner to which I bought along some 'dark chocolate cake truffles'...I knew that something chocolately would always go down well after a big dinner.  So, simply make your cake pops are usual, but eschew the stick and pretend they are a grown up treat instead.  Oh, and if you do a double coating of dark chocolate, it's all the better.


  1. Hey!! Instead of a "cake pop", it's a "cake popper"! :) Love the purple and drk chocolate...very lush.

  2. nice one! sounds good. the purple sprinkles is dyed sugar crystals, crunchy and colourful. yum!