Wednesday, 7 December 2011

It went with a swing.

What a lovely evening- the jazz concert was a warm and toasty success.  A nice big audience and the band and singers were all great.  The church looked really pretty with holly and candles and fairy lights everywhere.  The mulled wine and mince pies went down a storm.  Pictured here is Dave the postman's famous shortbread. I truly believe that if you didn't feel all warm and snuggly and christmassy when Mike Long sang White christmas than you must be a robot, from planet Grinch.  Mike's voice was velvety rich and evocative and his version could easily stand next to Nat King Cole's anytime.  It was a lush evening.  I'm already daydreaming about organising another one- bigger and better, next year.  Next time I'm thinking of finding a brass section from somewhere- we all need trumpets in our lives after all.  We raised a lovely amount of dosh for the feel restoration fund too- brilliant.


  1. I love those little candles? lights? are they angels?? can't quite tell. they look so pretty. would love to find some. If they are candles though, don't they get hot?

  2. yes, they are tree lights which are angels-sweet aren't they !

  3. ah! Now I can see in one of the other pictures that there is a cord! haha! they are very cute. I think I like them better as a table decoration than for the tree!