Friday, 18 September 2009

The beast has a rival

If running my own cupcake company is ever going to happen, I have long thought that I will need more than the Beast to cook my cakes. Only being able to do one tray at a time, and unevenly at that, is hopeless on a mass scale. So, a cooker it had to be. We had first toyed with getting a second hand one, and saving a few pennies, but then I found out that most second hand cookers are virtually the same price as a new one.

So, I had a look on the internet and visited a few shops, looking at the normal sized ovens...then I happened to glance across the shop floor and saw the range cookers (much the same thing happened to me when trying on wedding dresses, I kept a low profile, hoping to go down the ‘lovely, but not the same price as a sofa’ route, but then I tried on the big over, set and match to the big dresses) So, I had seen the range cookers and could only think of marvellously practical reasons why buying such a big cooker was a good idea. I convinced myself quite easily and then did some more searching to find the one that would by my Prince.

I found it, I bought it, and it arrived. Bliss. It is out of its wrapping and waiting to Father in law this Saturday to come wire it in, then we will be cooking with gas (well, electricity, as this be the countryside)


  1. Feeling deeply envious of your range. My small and ancient oven is rather on the temperamental side, so I quite understand why you fell in love. Good Luck and hope it manages to produce lots of delicious goodies.

  2. thanks so much, it really is a beauty to rvial the beast. All I have made so far on it is soup, but that turned out very well..Im going to make some biscuits and cupcakes as a trial to get ready for the big baking session ready for the market this weekend. EEK!