Friday, 18 September 2009

The cows are coming home

It has been a dream and an ambition for us to run our own farm. Since moving to Devon, we have been inching closer. Handsome husband has always wanted ‘more’, to be outside, to be working for himself, to be achieving something, doing it his way. Ever since our visit to West Yeo farm, we have been in touch with the wonderful farmers there. They have been a source of advise and have helped us on the path to becoming the farmers we had imagined. We are going to be organic, small scale, and raise pedigree, heritage animals, which are traditional to the area, a lovely nature and very tasty!

We are even buying our first stock from them, 6 cows are arriving shortly, 4 of them are in calf and due to have their babies in spring next year. We are really looking forward to it, especially Handsome husband who is achieving his goal of making a big change to his life before he is 30.

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