Sunday, 25 July 2010

Bronze stars and golden hearts

Love is in the air again.  

The week marvellous mum came down to help out, as its much more fun with two- plus marvellous mum is much better at the maths involved in upscaling recipes.  I would always need a pen, paper, calculator plus a cool drink and a lie down to work out the maths sometimes.  I can do it, it just takes a while, whereas marvellous mum can work it out in her head in a jiffy.  

Adventures in Cake had a big wedding order, 70 double chocolate brownies, and 70 carrot cake cupcakes, and banana and walnut cupcakes were the bride and grooms desire for their wedding party.  

Testing out the recipes were a lot of fun and they all turned out mighty pretty and glamorous looking.  They were for a wedding reception in a Lawrence of Arabia style tent and I hope went someway to matching this magical, romantic setting.


  1. so which brownie recipe did you end up using? Am asking so that I can try it too if it wasn't one of the ones I sent. the treats all look gorgeous as usual, by the way! :)

  2. Hi I'm new to your blog and I just wanted to say that these look AMAZING! well done :)