Friday, 2 July 2010

The roar of Kitchenaid?

I have decided it is time for my magimix to take a backseat, what I really need is a commercial grade mixer.  Something with power and capacity (and if it's really pretty that wont hurt either) How exciting.  I have done my research and have decided Kitchenaid is the way to go.  Aside from its classic good looks (who can resist such a handsome beast) it has some serious welly too.  It proports to be both mouth and trousers.  I shall call him Kitty.

I tootled around the internet and found, where the delightful Jonathan helped me choose between the K5 and the K50.  I plumped for the K50, it has an extra bowl, which might come in handy, but mostly the overload switch it has might one day save the Kitchenaid from an accidental hammering from too cold a slab of butter, or whatever bashing it gets in the Adventures in Cake kitchen.

I placed my order just now and it should be arriving on Tuesday (not in time for the cupcakes I have to make for a party tomorrow night, but ready for the next wedding)

Happy is a girl with parcels arriving in the post, and even happier is the girl with a new toy to play with.  Miaow.

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  1. Oooooo, I totally understand your excitement! I have had my Kitchenaid since the mid-80s (It is a K5 I think - 5qt lift) and I love, love, love it. It is my baby!! (of the kitchen tools, anyway LOL) I think you will be VERY pleased.