Sunday, 25 July 2010

Stormy weather and re-homing heros

We have been asked to move.  The problem with renting is that when the landlady wants her house back, you have to go.  It such a shame, we have loved living here.  Sure the house is shabby chic, but is it big and beautiful, with unforgettable views.

We have been rescued from uncertainty and homelessness by our wonderful, generous friends who live in a nearby village.  They are in fact the parents of our Cruwys Morchard chums who happen to have a 2 bedroom cottage lying idle.  They have offered it to us.  We went to visit it and its perfect.  Only 3 minutes further along the hill from Tivvy, so still near the farm.  Plus we will be closer to our friends, which is lush too.

Handsome husband and I hardly know how to thanks our re-homing heros.

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