Sunday, 12 September 2010

The best of both worlds

Welcome to my new cupcake, the chocolate and vanilla cupcake with swirly whirly buttercream icing.  Feeling chocolately, but wanting the simple tastes of vanilla?  Perfect, step right this way.

I made this up as a batch to take to a friends house for toddler playtime- Darling boy and his chums ran rampage and us slummy mummies tried to eat our cupcakes in secret (they were too good for toddlers), accompanied by hot coffee and hot gossip.


  1. They look very clever and very delicious

  2. Thanks, its a tricky technique, but I trying different ways to master it. I think the secret might be in the temperature of the icing. Its a tough job, eating all those practise cupcakes, but someone has gotta do it!