Thursday, 16 September 2010

Fairy correspondence

We had our Dear friends to stay for the last time before we moved and had a wonderful time.  They are such good friends and their girls are such sweethearts, Cute as a Button and the Tiny Cowgirl have grown up so much since we last saw them, they are quite the sophisti-cats these days.  Tiny Cowgirl is totally fearless and has an amazing sense of balance for a 2 year old- fancy balancing on a rugby ball!

Cute as a button wanted to write to the fairies at the bottom of our garden to tell them bye-bye as we were moving, and so she drew her picture and left it out for the fairies.  And what would you know, in the morning the fairies had sent a reply. Softie? moi?


  1. Fairies AND fizz at the bottom of your garden? You are lucky! Such a sweet story and lovely pic.

  2. ah,thanks KitchenMaid. It is pretty lush down here. Fairies and fizz are a good combo too. One inspires sighting of the other I believe...