Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Christmas party cupcakes

It was Darling boy's pre-school christmas party at the local village hall and the guest of honor was to be Father Christmas himself, resplendent in his twinkly grotto, with presents for all.

Christmas parties are a source of undeniable joy and excitement and the kids could barely cram enough sausage rolls and crisps (toddler party food of choice) in their faces, before much chasing around was to be done.  Called back to the table by the promise of cake, I have never seen a group of kids respond so quickly- but thats the magic of sugar.

For the grown- ups, yours truly had baked a batch of chocolate cupcakes.  Too rich (and delicious) for toddlers. These sparkly cupcakes disappeared pretty quickly.

Oh, and for the record, Little brother was dressed as a christmas elf, complete with stripy leggings and a droopy christmas hat.  Beyond cute.  Happy days.


  1. holy ... !
    these are the prettiest cupcakes ive seen in awhile!
    others seem to have too much fondant or just too many colors, but yours being a simple chocolate based cake, a few added garnishes and a sprinkle of pearl dust made these cupcakes look amazing!
    major props to you (:

    i adore your blog, and id love to follow & see more updates (:
    id really appreciate it if you could do the same~

    keep up the amazing work!

  2. Ah, thanks edible art...a lack of internet has been my problem, but we are back on line and ready to rock. More cupcakes coming soon x