Monday, 6 December 2010

Dear Lovely Adventures in Cake Followers

Exciting news!  I have finished my website...go and have a look and tell me what you think.

I had spent ages trying to find a way to make my website on a tiny budget. Proper website designers and developers are pretty expensive.  Eventually, the Entrepeneur pointed me towards a website where you can build your own websites for free- the joy!  I made it all by my little old self!

So, many hours later- and here it is.  It was my New Years resolution to get my website sorted- and here it is, with 26 days to go...

So, go and have a butchers and a mosey around and tell me what you reckon...Once I know it meets the Adventures in Cake followers approval, I'm going to tell the whole world all about it.

thanks all!

Abi x


  1. I think it looks fantastic, very profesh! Did you take all your own photos or have you use a photographer to get the pics for your site. I am well impressed ;0)

  2. ah, thanks chele- I took the photos myself with a regular digital camera. Handsome husband does have a fancy SLR camera, but the secret magics of its workings are beyond me...perhaps that should be my resolution for 2011

  3. I also think it looks good... I like its simplicity... nothing to fussy, just focusing on the great pictures and menu.

    One piece of advice would be to somehow get your contact details onto every page... this way people can get hold of you really easily, even if it's just an email or phone number... I know you also have a contacts page but this could have more detail on it such as an address? Just a thought as I always think you're selling yourself and generally people are lazy!

  4. thanks dom- that's good advice. will get onto it

  5. Very nicely done! I too love the simplicity and the colors. And easy to navigate.