Monday, 13 December 2010

Snowy weather? chocolate needed

Our Dear friends came to stay, just before the snow really hit and it was- as ever- great to see them.  Darling boy had a great time playing with Cute as a button and the Tiny cowgirl.  Almost all of the photos I took prove that it is almost impossible to get a photo of 2 or more children without at least one of them being blurred from wiggling.

We finally ventured out into the cold to make an inspection of the chickens, turkeys and cows, but must admit didnt last long, as the draw of the aga and a warm kitchen proved too much for our freezing toes.  The promise of a slab of Rocky Road to Mars certainly played a role in bringing us back inside.

As we walked back along the lane, we spotted two tiny fairy trampolines (dewdrops on cobwebs to us mere mortals)  This was enough to lift our spirits as we scampered back to hot chocolate, cups of tea and snack time.

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