Thursday, 23 June 2011

Marble cake with chocolate frosting

For Grandads birthday, a cake was called for that fitted the bill exactly.  Grandad shares with Handsome husband a distrust of puddings containing fruit, as well as a preference for the plainer things in cake.  However, he also has a very very very very very very very sweet tooth.  This is the man who I have seen sink a tablespoon full of sugar in a jug of double cream and transfer the lot to his waiting mouth several times.  Now that's dedication to the sweeter side of life.

So, for his birthday I went for a traditional chocolate and vanilla marble cake, but coated with a thick gooey layer of chocolate frosting.  The perfect mix.  It went down well with everyone after tea, perfect with a nice hot cuppa.   Little brother wasted no time in efficiently scoffing the lot, calling for more and more cake when he had finished his.  I wonder where he could possibly get this trait from?...

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