Friday, 17 June 2011

The wonderful thing about tiggers

 Darling boy has been as pleased as punch all week.  He has been in charge of the class mascot, Tigger.  It has been Darling boy's job to take Tigger everywhere, and it is mummy's job (or rather homework) to write up our wonderful, home-spun, creative and wholesome adventures in the class mascot diary....There is serious potential for one up-mumship in this innocent project and can I smell just the tinniest whiff?

We dragged Tigger to the farm, to meet Jimmy and Max.  They joined in the fun at Grandads birthday teatime, had tea with us and joined the zoo of teddies in Darling boys bed.  Tigger is due to go back to school tomorrow, and in a style true to my own homework when I was at school, it's the night before it's due in, and I haven't done it yet!



  1. Love that for the kids! And fun for Tigger too. :) One day, we received a small teddy bear in the mail, "Barnabus", with instructions to show him a good time, take pictures and document his visit (with a little info on where we lived). Then, package him up and mail him off to someone else in a different location. At a specified date, he was to be mailed back to the original owner, a small boy in elementary school (maybe 3rd grade) so he could find out where Barnabus had traveled and learn a little about each place he visited. It was so much fun!! And with the US being so large, you can image the variety of places he went!

  2. ahhh, thats a lovely idea. We did have a lot of fun with tiger...the prospect of writing it all up is still hanging over me though...