Monday, 27 June 2011

Ridiculous brownies

Me and the boys are currently having a mini holiday with my marvellous mum and dad whilst Handsome husband is off in America visiting Wagyu farms (more on this later) So, taking the advantage of being nearer to London than normal, we scheduled a much needed visit to our dear friends.  Its so great to meet up with old friends, especially when various bumps are due to turn into babies any time soon.

We sat around and chatted and the kids romped around and played.  Darling boy and Little brother were delighted to rush in and out, playing in the garden and with the girls, or rather 'ladies' as Darling boy put it.

Naturally, one does not arrive empty handed when visiting.  A hand-tied bunch of hot pink roses, gerberas, and some other handsome looking blooms were bought from the local florist and I had made a batch of double chocolate brownies.  I was feeling in the mood to pimp my brownies, and so added some glace cherries, and then a mix of almonds and cranberries were thrown in too, as well as a smashed up bar of dark chocolate too.  They went down well, and the cherries added a juicy fruitiness which would easily pass as one of your five a day.

Incidentally, my favourite line of the day went as follows

Darling boy:  'Where are the ladies?'
The Mini greek: 'I'm not a lady, I'm a princess'

...Too true, the mini greek is a properly beautiful creature, with eyelashes that just won't stop. And at this point was wearing an irresistible Disney princess dress that calls out to all little girls to be worn straight away, over whatever they are already wearing and flounced around in, in a way that all grown ups only wish they could too.

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