Tuesday, 21 July 2009

The countdown begins

In a few days, 12 to be precise, I shall no longer be 21years old, I shall in fact be 30...imagine! To mark this momentous occasion, I am planning a series of celebration events.

I have long believed in the ‘birthday weekend’ not just a day of fun for me, but a whole weekend. However, since I am leaving my twenties behind even more than a weekend is require. First off,Birthday celebrations round 1 is a weekend that I have been looking forward to ever since we moved to Devon. All of my university girlfriends will be coming to visit- with their assorted families, babies, children, husbands etc. It should be a brilliant weekend. 11 adults and 5 children. Yikes!

After that is Birthday Celebrations round 2 is a family do, marvellous mum and dad, Brainy bro and his delightful other half, will be down, as will sister in law and the Entrepreneur staying at the in-laws. There are tentative plans afoot for what to do, but just having my nearest and dearest is an excellent start.


  1. I have always been good at milking The Event into a Birthday Month. More is sometimes better! :) Congratulations and an early Happy Birthday!

  2. Oh, and btw, I am proposing "Dashing Dad" or "Dapper Dad" so that he has his own moniker. :)