Tuesday, 21 July 2009

The Era of the Madeira

Before we moved to our new house, my favourite cake to cake was a good, old fashioned Madeira. As Nigella Lawson puts it, it’s not the sort of cake you see the point of, till you start eating it. It’s a classic and delicious, buttery and lemony, it’s good for all seasons, but not one I have tackled since inheriting the beast. I guess I was avoiding baking a Madeira as they are my favourites (along with all my other favourites- more Nigella sound bites) and I didn’t want to subject such a scrumptious cake to the ravages of the unwieldy beast and have it come out a disappointment, a sad reminder of its former glories. But early this week I was feeling brave, or reckless, or I guess I just figured it was only a cake! So, whilst Darling boy was having his nap I mixed the batter and poured it into the cake tin and stashed it in the aga, with the shelf above it to try to stop it catching on the unpredictable heat. In the end it actually needed an extra 15mins to cook- and managed to catch at the edges as well (something that only agas can do to your cakes- burn and under-cook them at the same time)

I made the Madeira to eat this weekend when we have marvellous mum and dad down to see us and their friends, the French contingent are in the neighbourhood and will be popping over. The Madeira will join some other cakes and treats to have for afternoon tea. I think we will be needing lots of tea and cake, as although it’s the ‘height of summer’ it’s also the great British summer and it hasn’t stopped raining all day! Definitely the weather for tea and cake.

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