Tuesday, 21 July 2009

A true Devon lad

After our regular Saturday morning outing to the local market (a dozen eggs, field mushrooms, a creamy blue cheese from a local farm, watercress and a punnet of golden yellow tomatos) we decided to pop along to the car boot sale at the local school.

I am always keen for a bargain and am ever patient for the day that my luck turns good and I discover the perfect vintage cake stand and shabby chic kitsch lampshade for 20p. However, despite the carbooty fairies not being perched on my shoulder on this occasion, Darling Boy did turn up trumps. Like a heat-seeking missile, his eagle eyes sought out and found a tractor, his tiny hands reached out and tightened their grip on their target and finders were keepers! The deal was done, and 50p later Darling boy and the plastic toy of his dreams were forever united. So delighted with the new acquisition that as we walked away, Darling boy uttered a new word that marks him out as a true Devonshire lad....’tractor’

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