Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Cardamon cake

Last weekend Marvellous mum and dad were down to stay, and as an early Mothers Day present I baked this fragrant cardamon cake for Marvellous mum.  She is a wonder and a fabulous mum.  She famously has a very very unsweet tooth, and the family jokes that she would be happier sucking a lemon marinated in battery acid, rather than tucking into  bowl of something tooth-achingly sweet.

I came across this recipe for cardamon cake and I just knew it would appeal to her, being fragrant with a hint of sweetness, rather than the full-on sugar-fest that cake baking can so often be.

Baked using the ground cardamon Sensible K had just sent over from India, this was a truly exotic* Mother Day cake.

*yes, I know most spices come from India, but that's not the point!


  1. hmmm, that's the only one you've made that doesn't appeal to me. I'm not a cardamon fan. But, I love the idea for your mom. And, ya, I have a friend who doesn't really like sweets, but we keep her anyway. LOL

  2. guess you'll just have to send me some. :)