Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Getting crafty

Bump is due in 16 days now (and counting) and, as part of the nesting instinct which is kicking in, I have made this patchwork blanket for the baby to lounge about on.  It was going to have some cute prints of animals on it, but I figured once the baby is all grown up, it could always graduate to a throw for a grown-up bedroom.  I have gone for a mix of blues and greens in different prints, with some blocks of cream too.  The fabrics have yummy textures too for junior to cozy up to.

I'm sure Darling boys reaction will be to play 'falling over' on it as soon as he sees the blanket. This is his brand new hilarious game, which involves throwing yourself on the ground, and saying...'fallen over!'  Everyone nearby has to join it- its pretty infectious and totally fun.  

I am totally amazed that I have actually finished a craft project...

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