Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Packages from India

Sensible K, my wonderful chum from way back when, recently returned to India for a 6 week stay.  But before she went, she stopped at ours for a weekend visit.  Whilst she was here, we put in our orders for exotic Indian goodies and Sensible K did not forget us on her travels.

On hearing how lovely and cheaporama the cinnamon sticks were, I had requested a handful of these.  Im also fond of baking with cardamon, but haven't been able to find ground cardamon anywhere down here in Devon.  But it seems you cant take a step without falling over the stuff in India, so a pack of this fragrant green dust found its way here.  There were also yummy cloves snuggled into the box too.

But perhaps most exciting of all was a surprise little toy for Darling boy.  As a fanatic of anything with an engine, Aunty Sensible K came up trumps and Darling boy was delighted with his tuc-tuc.  He listened to tales of mummy and daddy going in tuc-tucs on their holidays (pre- Darling boy of course) but mostly he enjoys carrying it around the house saying 'tuctuctucutuctuc'  Ahhhhhhhhhh, the simple life.

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