Sunday, 21 June 2009

The big entrance

Friday night and our friends were arriving. Some by train and some by car. We were really happy to having our Dear Friends to stay, and on this occasion, they were also to be joined by the Greek, another old friend from university days, and her totally beautiful mini-me, a little girl of 9 months who is a complete munchkin and totally gorgeous.

After a long day at work, and much too excited to be measuring, etc, I was very glad to have done all the prep for dinner the night before. After the babies were bathed, fed and put to bed and our home absorbed the many accessories that accompany children, I assembled the moussaka, made in honour of the Greek's first trip to Devon. In the aga it went and chatting as I went, I iced the cupcakes that I had made the night before (how very blue peter!) with the cream cheese butter icing that is just as delicious eaten from your finger, as it is the cupcake. I dusted each beauty with cocoa and placed them on the cake dish ready for pudding.

After an hour, the moussaka was ready and we ate it in greedy scoops with salad and red wine. There was much to catch up on and we chatted and ate, and ate and chatted. For the third time ever, Dear Friend’s husband even cleared his plate, a phenomenon hardly ever seen (the other time was the last occasion of their visit to us and we had the Iranian Feast) He isn’t the biggest of people- he had the nickname of ‘Boyfriend in my Pocket’ before they were married- he even had seconds. Even Handsome husband agreed the moussaka was delicious, and he claims to not like lamb.

We munched the cupcakes, some in two stages, as although they are only cupcake size, they are rich and gooey and chocolatey and cheesecakey and very moreish. Peppermint tea and coffee joined the table and we talked on till it was time to take our weary bones to bed, ready for more fun the next day.

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