Sunday, 21 June 2009

A walk on the wild side

Our first morning together and we loaded the cars with wellies, babies and grown ups and headed across the hills to the in-laws new farm.

We admired the veg-patch and the tiny shoots making their bid for freedom, and their destiny as our dinner in the bright sunshine. We visited the black and white cows and Cute as a Button learned the cow for ‘hello’ (which is of course, ‘moo’) Cute as a Button’s little sister revealed her calling as a true Tiny Cowgirl when, as excited babies would do, she waved her hands and all the young cows took a great leap backwards – she is obviously an Outside kind of gal at heart.

We then headed across the fields to stretch our legs and admire the land. We kept an eye out for any fairy houses and Dear friend was the first to spot one of many tiny mushrooms where they fairies lived. We called hello, but decided they must have been out. Having Cute as a Button around is such fun, as it is so important to believe in fairies at this age, and Devon seems to be a rich community for the fairy world, there is a lot of natural habitat for them to enjoy.

Once back at home and the babies were fed and put to bed, the mammas got to enjoy a white wine fuelled lunch and much gossiping on the back step in the sunshine. The babies woke late, and the men folk returned from Honiton where they had been watching the rugby.

Dear Friend began to get busy in the kitchen, as she had so kindly volunteered to cook us a curry. Safe to say it was delicious, totally delicious. Dish upon dish of fragrant spicy offerings was washed down with beer and talk long into the night. The ice cream I had been up preparing the nights before provided a soothing, sweet balm to the spice and each flavour was sampled and enjoyed. We retied to the lounge, now cleared of the acres of toys and books that accompany children in a whirlwind of plastic and noise. Handsome husband lit a fire and we watched the fairy castles in the flames and felt most content. We went to bed, stuffed and happy.

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