Monday, 29 June 2009

Car-boot cahoots

On Sunday, we enjoyed a lazy morning, us grownups being lazy, but Darling boy being very busy, with lots of important play with his tricycle going on. After his nap and lunch, we ventured out to buy a bell for his tricycle. We trialled several varieties, eventually plumping for one with a bee on it (‘beeeee’, as Darling boy would say) After the bell shopping we carried on into the town and sampled the delights of the car boot. It takes place every Sunday and I had never been before and wanted to check it out. I am on the search for cake stands and an old tasselled lampshade to go with the beautifully carved wooden standard lamp base I have recently acquired from the loft of marvellous mum and dad.

Alas the car boot wasn’t quite what I was expecting. It was certainly full of, erm, local colour, but not much in the way of cut glass and kitsch chintz.

We hurried home so a lunch of butternut squash risotto with Parmesan and a side salad of leaves freshly picked from the veg patch. Handsome husband joked about nibbling the leaves directly from the soil, making them extremely fresh, local, seasonal (foodie terms guaranteed to put Handsome husband into the category of ‘grumpy (old) man’, along with ‘charming period character features’ when describing a house, this phrase also engenders an allergic reaction in my other half, reducing him to a ranting wrack) The leaves certainly would have had zero food miles eaten in such a rabbity manner. As it was, they travelled probably 1 mile and were very tasty and the perfect peppery counterpoint to the creamy soothing flavours of the risotto.

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