Friday, 5 June 2009

These are a few of my favourite things...

Allotments- don’t you just love them? The neat little rows, the promise of the green shoots and leaves. The chocolate brown, turned earth and the jolly bright flowers. The bamboo cane wigwams for the peas to climb. The home-made cloches and silvery spinning cds to protect the precious seeds from hungry birds. The darling tiny shed, just big enough for the essentials of gardening, i.e. spade and teapot. To me they symbolise someone else’s hard work and their future dreams of home-grown veggies to go with their Sunday roast, of podding broad beans sitting on the back door step when you get home, of cauliflower cheese and sweet-peas in a jug. I glimpse flashes of several from my train carriage in the bright, early morning sunshine and they are just heavenly to look at- one of my favourite things.

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