Monday, 29 June 2009

A word in your ear

Our Darling boy has an ever-expanding vocabulary, which features farmyard animals quite heavily. He is now quite conversant about

Mooooooooooooooooooooo- executed in a Barry White growl, which comes from the depths of his soul and is quite an uncanny impersonation of a cow


Bee (the shrub by the French doors in our kitchen is always teeming with bumble bees)

Caaaaa (which he does very excitedly every time he sees one of the cats skulking by)

Woofwoof (he is mad keen on dogs, although we don’t have one. In fact a blond, walking a dog, carrying a yoghurt would be pretty exciting for our Darling boy; his three favourite things, along with all his other favourites)

Door (I have no idea why he says this, apart from the fact that now he can walk from room to room he is very pleased with himself)

Duck (Which, in the vein of ‘the cheese makers referring to any manufacturer of dairy products’ -see The Life of Brian- Duck naturally applies to any feathered friend)

Mamma and Dadda (natch)

Yes, and no (Darling boy do you want more scrambled egg ‘yes’ Darling boy its time to get up now ‘no no no’ very funny)

That (said about a million squillion times a day, accompanied with a point of the finger, ‘whats that?)

...and mostly recently...Shoe

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