Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Baby cupcakes for the grown-ups

At last weekend's market I met a new customer, and picked up a special order for tonight, which I have just delivered.  A very nice lady from Halberton, a sweet village outside Tivvy, asked for brandy butter chocolate cupcakes and a pile of sticky date and cranberry slices for an event she is hosting tomorrow.

I made up the baby cupcakes and was struck by their total cuteness!  I have been making these in a large size for the market stall, and they have been going down really well, but hadn't made them in a baby size, and look at how adorable they are...and definitely one for the grown-ups as the amount of brandy in the icing is not child-friendly- but I wonder if any amount of hard spirits is?

Either way, they are scrumptious and cute as pie at the same time.

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