Monday, 21 December 2009

Christmas special

This week I had an order for a giant chocolate cupcake, with chocolate butter-cream icing with ‘festive decorations’ requested. The client was someone I met at the Cruwys Morchard Village Christmas market. She is a totally charming woman and when she came to collect the cupcake on Thursday she seemed very pleased with it. It’s always lovely when things I make get a good reception.

As this was a giant cupcake, the holly leaves and berries also needed to be up-scaled from the ones I make for the regular sized cupcakes, so Wednesday saw me stamping out holly leaves and rolling red berries, and then coating them all in glitter. God I love the glitter! Once the cake was made and decorated, I carefully iced it, then went to with the gold glitter first, then topped it with the new berries and leaves and very festive it looked too.

I’ve got a similar order for Christmas eve, from the lovely people who asked me for Firework party cupcakes, only this giant cupcake is also going to feature purple stars- at the clients request. I have also recently bought in some purple glitter, so this might be making an appearance too.

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