Thursday, 3 December 2009

Brown paper packages tied up with string

I'm not usually a fan of christmas cake, or indeed any fruit cake, but the recipe I found here I thought looked like something out of the ordinary and worth trying this year.

I am hosting christmas for the first time, and wanted to make sure all the bases were covered, lovely tree, family gathered around, presents, big turkey and cake, etc

The recipe is from another blog I enjoy reading.  Not being a fan of fondant icing, but loving marzipan this seemed like just the ticket- the marzipan is baked inside the cake- yum.  I'm looking forward to cutting it open (hoping to god its cooked properly) and finding little golden nuggets of marzipan hidden inside.

We will probably start eating the cake before the big day itself, I think a slab of cake, cuppa tea and a relax on the sofa admiring the twinkling lights of our christmas tree (as yet not bought!) sounds like a lovely christmas eve afternoon activity.

As handsome husband is allergic to almonds, I will be baking an alternative cake just for him too- a fine excuse to have more than one cake I think.


  1. Hi Abi

    Looks lovely, as ever. Couldn't find a link to the original site though - must have missed something?

  2. doh- will have a go at re-linking to it- but its from Domestic Goddess in Training