Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Saying it with cake

Today was Darling Boy's last day at nursery.  I'm finishing work before christmas and will be off on holiday/maternity leave and then a career beak for three years, so am not due back at work (if I choose to go) for nearly 4 1/2 years.  How cool.

Anyway, Darling boy has been at a wonderful nursery in Exeter since I have bern back at work since March and he has loved it there.  He knows the names of all of the other little children in his room and often talks about this chums - which is really sweet.

Leaving your child in day care, whilst you go off to earn a crust isnt easy for anyone, but Darling boys nursery have made it easier, as we knew he was being looked after so well, and having such fun and doing all sorts of crafts.

So to say the big thank you that the lovely staff at Darling boys nursery truly deserve, and as a treat to the bambinos in Darling boys room, I baked up some cupcakes.  The grown-ups got a giant cupcake in chocolate, iced in vanilla buttercream and the bambinos had baby vanilla cupcakes (well, trying to go some way in avoiding too much sugar...)

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